14 Kt Gold Hummingbird Bracelet - 1/4"

This 14 Kt Gold Hummingbird Bracelet by Carrier Native Artist Charles Harper has a deep detailed carving.

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About the Native Jewelry Artist Charles Harper

Charles Harper was born in Prince George B.C. in 1955. Charles primarily hand carves silver and gold bracelets, pendants, earrings and other jewelry items.

He apprenticed with the late Lloyd Wadhams in 1980, and also with Alfred Seaweed. Both of them were accomplished and well known Kwagiulth artists.

Charles trained his daughters Victoria Harper and Carrie Matilpi. They have become highly skilled and sucessful artists themselves. Charles, Victoria, and Carrie along with Carrie's husband Corey Bigcharles share a studio and continue to develop and improve their unique jewelry style.

The Hummingbird Symbol in First Nations Culture

The Native Hummingbird Symbol  is representative of the miracle of living and positivity. Hummingbirds in native culture are bringers of peace, healers of your body and soul and a guide through challenges in life. Hummingbirds are very independent and seem to have an unlimited energy supply. 

Custom Native Jewelry

Charles is available for custom native jewelry orders. Choose your design, the materials, and the dimensions. To custom order please contact our store through email or at 1-604-538-5008.

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