18 kt and AAA Iniskim Gold Earrings - Owl Design by Terrence Campbell (Tahltan).

18 kt. gold and AAA Ammolite.

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Gemstone grade Iniskim only exists in the territory of the Kainai (Blood), the Pikuni (Peigan), and the Siksika (Blackfoot) Indians of Southern Alberta. Newly known as’Ammolite’ when the stone was given official gemstone status.

The Blackfoot tell a story of Iniskim. One very cold winter, the Tribe had nothing to eat because the buffalo herd hadn’t been in their area. A woman had a vision dream of a magical stone that would call the buffalo to them. The next day she was out searching for firewood when she heard a beautiful song. She followed the song to a cave where she found a brightly coloured stone. She was instructed to complete a ceremony. Afterwards a large herd came to graze beside the camp, and the hunters were able to acquire the food their people needed. To this day, Native people use Iniskim in ceremonial bundles.

Terrence Campbell (born in 1953) is Tahltan from Telegraph Creek BC, although much of his early life was spent in Prince George. He's part of the Wolf Clan. His Tahltan name is Ithskoski. When he was 9 years old he formulated his goal to become an artist. As a youth he began training withTahltan/Tlingit artist Dempsey Bob, and with his sister Dale Campbell. Terrence became a professional artist, and has also taught Native culture at schools as well as apprenticing other artists. In 1982, Terrence, along with Alvin Adkins and Dale Campbell carved a 30 ft. totem pole for the Museum of Northern British Columbia in Prince Rupert. In 1991, Terrence and Dale carved a totem pole wich was given to the people of Hong Kong by then Prime Minister Brian Mulroney. He is an accomplished jeweler with a unique and beautiful style. He presently lives part of the year in Arizona, where he mines high end turquoise stones for his creations. Much of his jewelry shows a Southwestern influence.

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