Authentic Cowichan Sweater

The Cowichan sweaters is an ideal garment to wear in cool weather. The source of their design and creation connects them to millennia of habitation in this land. Each one is an original and unique work of art hand-made of natural materials.

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This contemporary Cowichan Sweater is knit from natural, hand spun, undyed sheep’s wool. This strong and stretchy yarn makes a sweater that keeps its shape. The high lanolin content of the wool in this Cowichan Sweater provides a water repellant, stain resistant sweater that keeps its wearer warm and dry, absorbs body moisture and ventilates body heat.

A Cowichan Sweater, if taken care of should last for decades. Most last so long that they are passed down from generation to generation.

The designs and styles preserve elements of the Salish traditional weaving and textile production.

These Cowichan Sweaters are all one of a kind and do not always conform to standard sizes so the pricing can vary according to the size. The larger the Cowichan Sweater, the more work and material, the higher the cost.

Please email us at or call 778-886-5090 to inquire what measurements and Cowichan Sweater designs we have in stock.

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Learn more about the Cowichan Sweater History.

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