Bent Box Painted with a Tlingit Chilkat Design

14.5" by 10.5", and 12" high.

C$3,500.00 CAD
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The steam bent box was made by Shane Jackson of Spirit Works Co.  The box was painted by Wade Baker and is based on the design from a Chicat cloak woven by his great, great grandmother in the 1850's.  That was a complex and time consuming process using almost a mile of yarn.  Chilcat blankets were only worn by chiefs on ceremonial days.  They were woven on a single bar loom, copying stylized designs from painted pattern boards.  Wade feels honoured to render her design.  The Tlingit name for blanket is 'naxim', or 'fringe about the body'.

Mintle-e-da-us (Wade Stephen Baker) was born in Vancouver, British Columbia in 1956. His Kwakiutl native name is Mintle-e-da-us which means place of plenty. His mother is high ranking nobility of the Kingcome Inlet people, Kwakiutl Nation, British Columbia. His late father, descended from Chief Capilano, was Coast Salish, Squamish Nation. Wade lives with his partner/wife, and daughter in N. Vancouver.

Wade is a self taught artist who was inspired as a child by watching his relatives Mungo Martin and Henry Hunt, master carvers. His understanding of the deep spiritual and religious meaning of traditional ceremonies comes from attending his family's many potlatches held in various longhouses along the coast. His complex and detailed artistry, combined with brilliant colours, create spiritual forms that appeal to both traditional and modern collectors.

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