Golden Bear Mukluks Designed by Corrine Hunt.

Corrine Hunt is a member of the Raven ‘Gwa’wina’ Clan from Ts’akis, a Kwakiutl village, on Vancouver Island. Her paternal grandmother, A’neesla’ga,’ was a Tlingit noblewoman from Alaska.

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Foot Lining: Sheepskin Shearling
Height: 12" Tall
Materials: Grain Leather
Sole: Tipi Vibram

The Bear Gatherer pattern was designed by Aboriginal artist Corrine Hunt.  The bear was the clan symbol of Corrine's great-great grandmother, Anisalaga.  Descended from a line of powerful Chiefs, Anisalaga would spend nearly a year weaving a single blanket to be worn only by noble family members.  Anisalaga wove 13 of these "chilkat robes" but only three remain in the Hunt family.  Corrine has been working on a film to document the other robes.  One was recently repatriated by the Umista Cultural center in Alert Bay with funds from the Canadian Government's National Treasures Fund.

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