Traditional Moosehide Mocassins

One of a kind; each moosehide moccasin is hand-beaded with a beaver fur trim. All crafted by skilled Dene artisans in northern Canada.

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Each pair of moccasins is unique and 100% hand-made. The moose produces some of the largest and thickest hides in the northern forests.The traditional tanning and smoking process of the hide can take up to 2 weeks to complete. Each moccasin has a beaver fur trim, which has also been traditionally trapped and prepared. The beadwork on each pair of moccasins will vary slightly by design and colour.

Moosehide moccasins are soft, strong, and extremely durable. Traditionally tanned and smoked moosehide produce one of the highest and most durable qualities of leather in the world. 

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