Elisa Vargas (Shipibo)

Elisa Vargas Shipibo shaman

Elisa is a highly evolved Shipiba Ayahuasquera Maestra (shaman of the plant medicine ayahuasca).  She's also a master of many other local Amazonian plant medicines.   As a gifted spiritual medium, she's in communion with the plant spirits and commonly receives icaros (sacred healing songs) from various plants.  Elisa comes from a long lineage of Shipibo healers.  Both her parents and grandparents we're Shipibo shaman.  Elisa is one of the most well known Shipibo shaman in Peru and she has a most beautiful voice.  Christina has studied under Elisa to work with medicine and to create authentic and profound textiles.  Christina is married to Darwin, a Shipibo shaman who leads aya ceremonies with Elisa.  Norma has also studied plant medicine and textiles under Elisa.  She's very tuned into the subtle energies of this work.

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