Janice Morin and Randy Stiglitz

Randy Stiglitz was born on August 17th 1953 on Lesquiti Island, BC to a German mother and a Coast Salish father. Randy's family moved to the Capilano Indian Reserve when he was 8 years old. Randy began carving at the age of 15. Randy credits Henry Hunt Sr. as being the single biggest influence in his unique carving style.

Randy has worked over 5 years with many members of the Hunt family, John Livingston and Gene Brabant, all of them in Victoria BC. He has now been carving for over 40 years and is widely regarded as one of a handful of elite Coast Salish artists. His artwork is on permanent display at the Bill Gates Microsoft collection. As we as being a well published artist, Randy takes great pride having his artwork in the collection of actors such as Gene Hackman and Goldie Hawn/Kurt Russel. He continues to explore carving traditions of Salish, Kwakiutl and Tlingit cultures in tandem with his wife Janice Morin, who herself is a highly accomplished Coast Salish artist.

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