Terrence Campbell (Tahltan / Tlingit)

Terrence Campbell Native American artist  Tahltan / Tlingit  creating jewelry


Native American artist Terrence Campbell is from the Wolf clan of the Tahltan Nation, and his family originates from Telegraph Creek, BC. His Tahltan name is Eth-Cath-Kee, which means "Teacher of the Children." He began designing and painting at the age of fifteen. At 22, he began to focus on wood carving. Terrence studied under Tahltan/Tlingit master carver Dempsey Bob, as well as his sister, Tahltan/Tlingit master carver Dale Campbell. In July of 1982, Terrence, along with Haida artist Alvin Adkins and his sister Dale, carved a 30-foot totem pole that was raised adjacent to the Museum of Northern British Columbia in Prince Rupert, BC. In May of 1991, Terrence and Dale carved another pole which was given to the people of Hong Kong, via Prime Minister Brian Mulroney, in celebration of the country's Festival Canada '91. Terrence began to carve jewellery in 1980, but it was not until 2000 that he developed a serious interest in it when he was invited to Phoenix, Arizona, to participate in the Canadian Cultural Show. This trip sparked a strong passion in Southwestern jewellery, and Terrence began to learn the art of Tuffa casting under Navajo jeweler Rick Charlie. Terrence lives between Arizona and BC.

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