Coast Salish Double Swan Panel

Indigenous art. Hand carved and painted red cedar heart shaped panel. 24" high by 1 1/2" thick. Deep carving.

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Coast Salish artist's bio included with purchase.

The Coast Salish people, residing in the Pacific Northwest of Canada and the United States, have a long and storied artistic tradition. Red cedar, a naturally strong and beautiful wood, is their preferred medium for carving. The deep carving technique employed in this panel creates a three-dimensional effect, bringing the artwork to life. The central motif of two swans intertwined is particularly significant.

Swans are powerful symbols in Coast Salish art. Often associated with love, loyalty, and transformation, they represent the journey of the soul between the physical and spiritual realms. The double swans on this panel could symbolize a deep connection between two people, perhaps partners or soulmates. Their intertwined forms could also represent the duality of nature, the light and dark, the calm and the storm.

The heart shape further amplifies the symbolic meaning. Universally recognized as a symbol of love and affection, it adds another layer of significance to the intertwined swans. It suggests that the bond between them is not just strong but originates from the very core of their being.

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