Eleven Stone Morenci Turquoise Bracelet

Native American bracelet created by Verdi Jake (Navajo). Natural Morenci turquoise stones. Bracelet size- 5.25. Stone size varies- 8x6mm to 17x11mm. Bandwidth- 1" by 3/8".

C$1,859.00 CAD
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The color and patterns evident in each of these eleven stones of Morenci turquoise are reason enough to consider this magnificent bracelet. For this is quality at its absolute finest.

The Morenci turquoise mine produced a turquoise that is light to bright blue in hue. This stone has an unusual matrix of irregular quartz and pyrite that, when polished, often resembles silver. Some of these stones have some brownish matrix called "Morenci red matrix". One of the first American turquoises to come to the market, Morenci is highly valued and difficult to obtain.

The mine in southeastern Arizona has been closed and buried under tons of rock sine 1984.

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