Argillite Model House Post by Lionel Samuels (Haida).

15" high. The potlatch ring on top represents two potlatches. The beaver is the house. He is holding a copper shield, and there is a human inside his tail. The stick in his mouth is carved of pipestone. The raven on the back is releasing the sun.

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Carved by Lionel Samuels in the style of his grandfather Captain Andrew Brown.

Captain Brown was born in the year 1879.  In Haida his name was Owt'iwans, which meant 'Big Eagle'.  That name was inherited from his grandfather of small Hippa Island.  Andrew himself came from Yan.  He carved many great canoes and totems, and his skill and renown earned him the nickname 'Captain', which he put in front of his English given name.  He passed away in 1962 at the age of 83.

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