Andrew Bainbridge (Anishinabe)

Andrew Bainbridge was born June 21, 1969 in Sakeeng First Nation, Manitoba, Canada.  His knowledge of first Nations Fine Art was taught to him before the age of nine. His cultural expression and artistic vision soon grew, with vivid paintings and later in his career, stone sculpting.

During the early 1980's, his travels led a young artist to the small community of Sandy Lake, Ontario.There he learned the legends of creation and petroglyphs symbolism from artists and elders of the region.

In 1990, Andrew met trained Brian Marion, the apprentice of Norval Morrisseau, and expanded his knowledge of the woodland style, through 'traditional' interpretation of Colour Theory and form line design. While working with Brian for almost a ten year period, he has expanded his artistic strength into stone sculpting, specializing his gift into beautiful bear designs.


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