Beau Dick Style Mask

10" high (not including hair).

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”Tłakwagilagame ”Life After Beau: A Catharsis in Wood”

There was a blocked out mask that started its life with the intention of it being for a potlatch, but as fate would have it it wasn’t used and remained a half roughed out mask collecting dust.
Now, I had been working in Alert Bay by myself for a couple weeks and time was really starting to drag and I often sat  and missed Beau, wondering what we may have been working on and things. And I looked over at this block and decided I would just.. attack it like he did, with what seemed like reckless abandon and pure emotion and spirit.

“Sometimes it’s better not to think but to feel” was a thought of his.
So I felt....felt my way through the whole thing. Good and bad. Happy and mad

The intention was never to have a perfect mask or to instill a happy reaction in the viewer. It’s a physical manifesting of the state of my art at that moment.

A student without a teacher.

It bears an asymmetrical expression, one eyebrow raised in confusement and concern.
He isn’t pretty and he isn’t happy but it represents a moment where I tried to step into the mind of my mentor just to see what would happen.              Alan Hunt


Artist's bio provided with purchase.

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