Canoe Panel (Kwak'waka'wakw)

Native American Art. 4' long, 3D cedar canoe panel hand carved and painted, and inlaid with abalone. The artist based this design on an old photo he saw of his ancestors masked in a canoe arriving at a Potlatch.

C$6,000.00 CAD
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The canoe has two human faces carved on it and the bow is an eagle head.  There are 3 paddlers - a Raven with a butterfly on his beak, and an Eagle and a Wolf.  A Baby Eagle sits on the stern facing backwards.  The Wolf and the Eagles have crystals jutting out of their foreheads.  Sitting on the bow is a box representing a bentwood box.  It's carved on the top, the sides and ends, the bottom, and the inside of the lid - a wolf, ravens, eagles, an eagle dancer, a hand, a salmon, a waterbird.  Inside the box is a tiny rattle.


Kwak'waka'wakw artist's bio available with purchase.

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