'Clans' Gitxsan Award or Trophy

13" by 9", red cedar. This is an award or trophy. There is a blank space at the bottom for content on an engraved plaque.

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Native artist’s bio provided with purchase.

The Gitxsan People are divided into three clans - the Wolf, Killer Whale and Frog.  Each clan is composed of a number of Wilps (houses), or matrilineal family groups.  Chiefs and Wing Chiefs from each Wilp govern their family business.  The Chiefs all meet in council to govern the Gitxsan Nation.  The Feast System is where Hereditary Chief names are passed on, and with the names lands, resource access and cultural properties.  Shared territory means access to another house's territory because of marriage into that house.  That is a temporary right that isn't passed on.  Access can also be gained by the permission of the House Chief, but that also is a temporary access.

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