Classic Beaver Fur Headband

Warm, luxurious classic sheared beaver fur headband. Quite possibly the warmest, softest headband you will ever find. Every headband is signed by the Dene Artisan who created it.

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Dene Native People from the Northwest Territories trap beavers and other fur bearing animals.  This is a tradition practiced sustainably from time immemorial into the present.  Every part of the animal is used to feed and clothe community members.  The most humane trapping techniques are used to minimize any suffering for the animals. 
The fur is cut into long strips then wound into yarn.  The soft luxurious yarn is woven or knit into warm hats, mitts, vests, and other items.  This is modelled after traditional woven rabbit fur garments.
This small Native owned and operated business provides consumers with a very nice alternative to the common petroleum based acrylic textiles while providing resources to the local Native community.

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