Corey Bulpitt Haida Mask 'Gagiid Coming Back'

Haida art. Gagiid Coming Back, 2021 -cedar, cedar bark, paint, hair, bird down, leather, nails, about 11" high. Native American art.

C$7,000.00 CAD
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'The Gagiid, or Gaagiixid is a person lost at sea that comes to shore and is enticed by land otter people, they will transform to have the appearance of relatives or loved ones, you can see by their webbed fingers that they are tricksters trying to lure you into their realm.
The wild person can become crazed and will be always looking for a fire as they eat raw spiny fish, urchins and whatever they can forage for. Sometimes they can come back to human form by the work of shaman and secret society members, this mask is loosely based on an older Haida mask, mine represents a man in his initiations to come back. These dances are also part of the potlatch and are done at the beginning before the peace dances, in the old days these dances could last a day or more along with other secret society dances, songs and performances with slight of hand tricks involving puppets, also initiations of new members of various societies are done.'    Corey Bulpitt

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