Gitxsan Raven Panel

SOLD. This panel is no longer in stock but we may be able to acquire another similar one. Native American Art. 35" by 33" hand carved and painted red cedar panel.

C$6,000.00 CAD
Availability: Out of stock

Gitxsan artist's bio available with purchase.


The Raven is a trickster, a comical figure, and a shape shifter. There are many stories told of him that teach lessons and values, often about how not to do things. He is also the central figure in many stories about how the world became the way it is now. 


The Raven brought light to the world. He placed the sun, moon and stars in the sky. In Haida stories, the Raven discovered and freed the first men who had been trapped in a clam shell. He then freed the first women from a chiton shell, and put the men and women together. The Raven stole salmon from the Beaver People and deposited them in the streams and rivers up and down the coast to provide food for the People. The Raven has two sides. The one is creative and loving. The other is destructive, lazy and selfish.

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