Corey Bulpitt Panel 'Mouse Woman'

Haida art created by Corey Bulpitt. 3' wide, deeply carved, knife finished red cedar wall panel. Traditional Haida story design.

C$12,000.00 CAD
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'Mouse Woman (who was actually Shrew) is a helper in many Haida and Northwest Coast Native myths.  Often she would give the hero of a story something, or suggest that he take something with him that would help him on his journey or quest.  And she would help him through the boundaries between earth, sky and sea.  

One example is when a hero went to save his wife who had been abducted by the Chief of the Sea.  Mouse Woman suggested he take yew wood wedges with him, which he later traded to receive help rescuing his wife.  She also brought him through to the supernatural undersea kingdom.  

She is known as Kuugan Jaad in Haida.  This panel shows her with her wide smile.  She is also wearing a crown with a Mouse Woman design on it that could also be her ears.'    Corey Bulpitt

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