Indigenous Art Sisiutl Mask (Two-headed sea serpent)

SOLD. This mask isn't in stock but we are able to have another similar one custom made.

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70" long, deep 3d carving. Kwak'waka'wakw artist's bio provided with purchase.

The Sisiutl is a giant two-headed sea serpent. He can transform into a self-propelling two-headed copper canoe. He guards the entrance of houses of supernaturals. Humans carve or paint images of Sisiutles over doorways for protection. He is a powerful warrior helper spirit. Warriors wear a headband with a Sisiutl painted on it for strength and protection.

The Sisiutl is one of the highest ranking crests. He is depicted with three heads, one in the centre and one at each end, all have curling horns and sharp teeth.


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