Jay Simeon Haida Thunder and Lightning Bracelet

Haida art. Sterling silver with chasing and oxidization. 1 1/4" wide, 6 1/2" long with a 1" opening. The theme refers to the the raw power of nature. Jagged lines, darkened by oxidation, depict the grandeur and the untamed spirit of a storm.

C$15,000.00 CAD
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"Thunder and Lightning
I wanted to blend two storied traditions with this piece, Form line and Raven's tail weaving.  On one side you see the Thunderbird face in side profile with a glimpse of his human form in the nostril. On the other you see the zig zag pattern that represents lightning in Northern geometric weaving. I wanted to chase this piece as well to give it the dimension and depth that i felt it deserved. And I oxidized it too to echo how Ravens tail weaving looks."   Jay Simeon

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