Lionel Samuels Haida Argillite Raven Pipe

Haida art is renowned among Indigenous art styles.  Argillite tobacco pipe hand carved by Lionel Samuels. 6 1/2" long, 7 3/4" including stand.

C$2,700.00 CAD
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This Haida art masterpiece, a raven pipe carved from sleek black argillite, emanates a mystical presence.  The raven's body seamlessly blends with the pipe's stem, adorned with intricate formline designs and abalone inlays in the eyes and on the shoulders.  In Haida stories Raven brought light to the world, and freed the first humans and provided food for them.  The bowl is a the head of a frog, symbolizing the transfer of spiritual knowledge.  The pipe is like a bridge between the human and spiritual realms.

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