Natural Blue Ridge Turquoise Ring

Southwestern Native American jewelry. Ring size- 7. Stone size- 15x19mm. Bandwidth- 7/16” to ¼”.

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This stunning piece of Native American jewelry showcases the artistry of Navajo husband and wife team, Randy and Etta Endito. The centerpiece is a captivating natural Blue Ridge turquoise stone, a rare and beautiful variety known for its pale blue hues. Wispy streaks of a darker blue matrix weave throughout the stone, adding depth and a touch of drama, making it a truly unique treasure.

The Enditos have set the turquoise in a bed of tiny silver spheres. This adds a touch of elegance and reflects the light, creating a shimmering halo around the stone. The silver complements the cool tones of the turquoise. It's mounted on a medium weight band.

This ring embodies the rich cultural heritage of the Navajo people.  Turquoise is central to their spiritual beliefs. The meticulous silverwork reflects the artistic traditions passed down through generations.  

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