Natural Turquoise Mountain Turquoise Bracelet

High End Natural American Turquoise stone, almost 1 1/2" long. The bracelet is 6" long with an opening of over 1". By Randy and Etta Endito (Navajo).

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Native American jewelry. Turquoise Mountain stone exhibits a beautiful range of color from pale blue to lime green in one piece that makes it a sought-after turquoise.

The Mine is located in the Mineral Park Mining District of Mohave County, Arizona near the famous Kingman Turquoise and Ithaca Peak Mines. Even though this peak is part of the Kingman Mine, it is considered a “classic” mine in its own right because the turquoise is so different in appearance.  Varying patterns and colors make each piece of this turquoise a unique treasure. The mine continues to produce beautiful turquoise highly sought after by collectors, artists, and jewelry designers.


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