Raven Moon Mask (Nu-chah-nulth)

Native American Art - 24" diameter, red and yellow cedar, deep 3d carving, traditional Native design.

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Nu-chah-nulth artist's bio available with purchase.


The blue and black colours with shining abalone inlays is reminiscent of a night sky with twinkling stars.  A Raven’s wings wrap the face of the moon, and it’s head protrudes from above the face.  The raven's sharp beak and intelligent eyes are meticulously carved.  Two more Ravens are painted facing each other on the back part of the carving.  The mask is encircled by cedar rope. 


The ability to create a carving like this requires years of training and a deep understanding of artistic traditions and cultural significances.  This mask refers to ancient stories, and the connections between humans and the natural world.

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