Pendleton Pillow Shams

Fits a standard 20" by 26" pillow. 82 % virgin wool and 18% cotton, unnapped and bound with felt, fully reversible. Made in the USA. This is a single pillow sham, not a pair.

C$250.00 CAD
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Bright River is inspired by a Navajo weaving style called Eye Dazzler.

Diamond Desert is inspired by the homeland of the Navajo (Dine) People.  The four sacred mountains and the four directions in desert colors.

Newspaper Rock is inspired by a 200 sq. ft. rock in Navajo territory that is covered with ancient carvings.  Navajo People call it 'the rock that tells a story’.

Bandolier is inspired beaded bandolier bags used by the Anishinabe people of the Great Lakes.

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