Susan Point Print 'Circle of Life'

Coast Salish art by Susan Point (Musqueam). Limited edition 22" by 22". Serigraph.

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In Circle of Life Susan Point expands on two favourite themes – salmon and the cycle of life. Many of her previous pieces have featured this motif of salmon swimming in a circular fashion, a metaphor for the circular nature of the cycle of life. The number four, shown here in the two sets of four salmon, is also a recurring theme in Susan’s work. The number four carries a great deal of significance in First Nations and other cultures. There are four seasons, four winds, four directions, etc. For a salmon, the life cycle is also measured in four parts. The eggs are hatched in creeks and rivers far from the ocean. The young fry make a perilous journey to the ocean where they live until they make the long and dangerous journey back to the very place where they began their lives. It is there they lay their eggs and die. And so the cycle starts again.
In Circle of Life, Susan expands on this understanding with an outer set of four salmon circling around the inside four. They are all connected and what happens to one set, will eventually affect all the others. The raindrop in the centre of the image is a reminder of the importance of water – the essence of life. The ripples, spreading away from the raindrop, remind us all that all things are connected and everything we do makes a lasting impression in places we may not be able to see.

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