Dark Brown Waterproof Half Mukluks of Suede Leather


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Beautiful Dark Brown Cowhide suede leather, rabbit fur exterior with sheepskin foot lining and fleece leg lining. Rubber vibram outsole. Top of mukluk is trimmed with pattern detail. Made in Canada.

The 'mukluk' is an Aboriginal word for 'winter boot'. Our ancestors created them thousands of years ago out of natural hides and fur in order to survive in the coldest places in Canada. This Suede Leather Mukluk with soft generous Rabbit Fur is the most fashionable, stylish, warm and traditional style that has been passed down to us from generation to generation. Now we continue the tradition by combining modern techniques and materials to make functional mukluks for urban environments. The footbed is sheepskin-lined and the sole was made in partnership between Vibram and an Aboriginal artist.

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