Andrew Williams (Haida artist)

Andrew Williams Haida artist


Andrew Williams is Haida. He was born in 1964 in Old Masset.  He expresses pride in his culture by illustrating Haida stories with his art. 

He has been creating carvings and jewelry using argillite, silver, gold, and other natural materials since 1995.  In 1999, Andrew took a shaping course with Gary Minaker-Russ, and a jewelry arts program with Dan Wallace in 2009.  

Andrew has evolved into a full-time professional artist.  His work steadily improves.  Look forward to his future work as well as his present.

Click the links below to view Andrew's available work.

Double Hummingbird bracelet

Haida Bear Mother Bracelet

Argillite pendants

Haida Frog Bracelet





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