Haida Argillite Bear Mother Pendant

Haida art. 2 1/4" by 1 3/4", and about 1 1/4" deep, with a sterling silver bezel. Hand carved pendant illustrating the Haida Bear Mother Story. The Bear mother inverted on bear's chin.  The cub on the right looking down is the mischievous one.

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The Haida Bear Mother Story

A young woman who was picking salmonberries slipped on a pile of bear feces.  She got covered and spoiled her berries.  She was very angry and loudly cursed the responsible bears.  Two young bears that were nearby feeding on berries heard her and were offended.  They took her captive to their village. 

Aided by advise from mouse woman, the young woman gained acceptance into the bear community.  She married the bear chief’s son and had twin sons of her own who were part bear and part human.  After a period of time, the woman’s brothers came to take her back to their own village.  This was the origin of the Haida Bear Clan.

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