Jay Simeon Eagle Ancestress Pendant

Haida art. 'Jila kuns' Eagle Ancestress pendant - About 3" long, silver with abalone inlays. Repouse and chasing by Jay Simeon (Haida). 'Jila kuns' is wearing a Frog Headdress and salmon are coming out of her neck.

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"Jila kuns - Eagles Ancestress in Haida.  She is a powerful Supernatural being.  She is first seen in our Mythology with another powerful Supernatural SG uluu Jaad - Foam woman.  When the Great flood began to recede, sitting on a reef was SGu luu Jaad and all the rest of the supernaturals were swimming around her.  She would let none of them approach.  She shot lightning from her eyes.  Jila kuns was the only being powerful enough to approach her and the reef.  Jila kuns is also know as Creek woman.  She is found at the head of the rivers or creeks.  She controls the Salmon runs".   Jay Simeon


Repoussé is used to shape a piece of metal by working on the reverse of the metal with small hammers to form a raised design on the front. Chasing is is the opposite technique used to refine the design on the front of the work by hammering to sink the metal.

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