Tlingit Oyster Catcher Rattle

A Shaman's healing rattle. The rattle itself is about 16" long. The stand is 9" by 4 1/2". Otterman, Mouse and Owl are carved on the oystercatchers back. Octopus is is carved on the belly. Marmot is carved on the end of the handle. The stand is yew wood.

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Rattles of this type were used by shamans in healings and other ceremonies. They provided focus and rhythm for songs. The complexity of the rattle also showed the wealth and status of the owner.

Figures on oyster catcher rattles are the spirit helpers of the shaman.  The otter and octopus are the most powerful and sought after creatures in Tlingit mythology.  They both possessed the ability to transform and travel between worlds. 

The mouse and owl are keepers of stories and wisdom. The oystercatcher is an elusive but noisy bird that lives on the edge of water and land dancing and singing, but also takes to the skies …

Otterman is holding an object behind his back.  The mystery is is he hiding it or getting ready to exchange something with the mouse...knowledge? Touching tongues are an important part of the symbolism as they express the communication of knowledge.  The owl is the witness waiting for the outcome. Marmot is the one that grounds them all...Hope you enjoy my depiction of this unusual rattle.   Shawn Karpes


The artist is a Kwak'waka'wakw Octopus dancer.  

Artist's bio is available with purchase.


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