Calvin Morberg (Tlingit)

Calvin Morberg Tlingit artist


Yukon carver, Calvin Morberg, of the Dak’lawèidí (eagle clan) of the inland Tlingit Nation, immerses you in foundational Tlingit artistic traditions while exploring wood and copper. 

"Through the art I create, my goal is to provide insights into our Tlingit ways, our cultural resilience through time and our current artistic resurgence. The concerted attempts by colonial government and religious institutions to repress our beliefs, language, culture, customs and ceremonial arts failed. Our people kept our traditions alive in their hearts and our art survived to help us reclaim and regain our spiritual heritage, traditional knowledge and connections and with spiritual power conveyed by and through art. Artists who are no longer with us embodied those teachings and their art has passed on knowledge to us. That’s what I feel, celebrate, and regenerate through my new pieces continuing the tradition of passing on knowledge to future generations."


Click to view repouse Raven Warrior pendant.

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