Jay Simeon (Haida artist)

Jay Simeon is Haida and Blackfoot.  He was born in 1976 and began studying with his Aunt Sharon Hitchcock when he was 14 years old. He also trained in advanced design with Robert Davidson.  He continued learning by studying books and museum pieces.

Jay Simeon excels at graphic design, carving wood and argillite, and creating silver and gold jewelry. His pieces are meticulous, one of a kind masterpieces.  They are simultaneously traditional and contemporary.

Jay is considered to be on a level with Bill Reid, Robert Davidson and Christian White, that is at the very top.  He has been included in every major exhibit of Haida art for over 20 years and he received a BC Achievement Foundation award for his art.

Click the links below to view his work available at Cheryl's Trading Post.

Thunderbird and Lightning bracelet by Jay Simeon.

Hl Kyan Kustaan limited edition print by Jay Simeon.

Eagle Ancestress Pendant by Jay Simeon.

Haida Repouse Wolf Bracelet by Jay Simeon.

2 Finned Killer Whale Earrings by Jay Simeon (Haida).


Jay Simeon at his workshop receiving Ravenstail weaving by Cheyenne Gwaamuuk

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