Gus Cook (Kwak'waka'wakw) Repousse Artist

Gus Cook Kwak'waka'wakw Repousse Artist


Gus Cook was born in Alert Bay in 1982.  He was trained in repousse by his brother Rande Cook who studied in New York City and Italy. Gus' works bring to life figures and stories of his Kwak'waka'wakw culture.  

Repoussé is used to shape a piece of metal by working on the reverse of the metal with small hammers to form a raised design on the front.  Chasing is is the opposite technique used to refine the design on the front of the work by hammering to sink the metal.  This process produces a sculpted 3d form of jewelry.


View squid pendant,  Chilkat ring,  repousse works by Gus Cook and other Native artists.

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