Native American Jewelry is a Meaningful Gift

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A special day is quickly approaching.  Native American jewelry is a meaningful gift.  It carries spiritual significance and connection.  Each piece is unique and tells a story - an original handmade artwork.  There are many different styles to choose from.  Consider some of these options.

Haida Double Hummingbird Bracelet

The hummingbird is native to the Americas.  It’s image is a wonderful symbol of peace, compassion and unconditional love.  What could be nicer for way to express appreciation?  The above image is a hand carved Haida double hummingbird bracelet by Andrew Williams.


Every different Nation has their own rich culture and history and their own style of jewelry making.  Northwest Coast Native jewelry depicts family and clan crests that go back to supernatural origins.   Silver, gold and copper bracelets, pendants and earrings have stylistic differences that indicate the community from which they came.  Northwest formline design is recognized and sought after worldwide.


#8 Turquoise Earrings by Ruth Ann Begay (Navajo)

Southwestern Native American artists from the Navajo, Apache and Hopi Nations mine turquoise.  They create beautiful silver and gold jewelry pieces set with high quality, natural turquoise.  The stone has deep spiritual significance.  It is connected to water and the sky.  Wearing it gifts us with protection.

Gold Wolf Ring by Terrence Campbell (Tahltan)Ammolite as gemstone grade only exists in the territory of the Kainai (Blood), the Pikuni (Peigan), and the Siksika (Blackfoot) Natives of Southern Alberta. In 1981 this stone was given official gemstone status.  Native People call it Iniskim, and have always recognized its spiritual significance: prosperity and good health to the person in contact with it.  The ring pictured above is engraved with a wolf design and and set with an AAA  Ammolite stone.


Beaded Necklace and Bracelet Set

Beaded Native American jewelry is created by artists in all territories.  Traditionally beads were crafted from shells, stones and other natural materials.  Today many people use mass produced glass beads to make original unique beaded creations.


Consider a high end Native American jewelry creation, a handcarved 18 kt gold Haida double hummingbird bracelet.


In conclusion, Native American jewelry is a meaningful gift.  Unique one of a kind handmade pieces full of spiritual significance.  Connect your loved one to the spirit of these lands with a heirloom jewelry item that can be passed on your children.


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